Sexism, Sexism Everywhere

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The World Bank recently released their biennial Women, Business and the Law report. The report starts with an interesting anecdote.

Now consider the case of Svetlana Medvedeva, who studied navigation in college and graduated as a navigation officer in the Russian Federation. She applied to work as a ship’s helmsman and was selected. Later she was told she could not have that job as Regulation No. 162 lists helmsman as one of the 456 jobs deemed too arduous, harmful or dangerous for women.

Medvedeva went to court but after five long years, nothing happened and the ban still remains in place. Across the world, such regulations hampering gender equality still exist. According to the report, 104 countries have laws which prevent women from working in specific jobs and 18 countries have laws which allow husbands to legally prevent their wives from working. Meanwhile, in 59 countries there are no laws on sexual harrasment in the workplace.

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2 thoughts on “Sexism, Sexism Everywhere

  1. Good one on government paying maternity benefits. Both social and economics impacts of greater women participation can be humungous in India. How about some % corporate tax rebate for >80% women workforce!?


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