Rethinking foreign aid to India

Originally published in Business Standard Recently, an MP from the United Kingdom complained that while UK was giving India aid worth £1 billion, the country decided to build a statue worth £330 million. The concern was seemingly about whether aid financed by taxpayer money was really reaching the poor. Relatedly, migration programs are an alternate … Continue reading Rethinking foreign aid to India

On poverty lines and economic growth

Read the full post on The Print. Written jointly with Yash Mehta. The development agenda today is largely about drawing an arbitrary line for poverty and focusing on a narrow goal of pulling individuals just above this line. Multilateral development organisations like the UN and the World Bank play an important role in setting the … Continue reading On poverty lines and economic growth

Sanju: Bad Decisions Make For Bad Stories

Read the full post on Pragati Sanju is a biopic on Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt’s dramatic and controversial life. Some viewers have been impressed with Ranbir Kapoor’s acting and the touching depiction of the circumstances under which Dutt committed the mistakes that he did–including but not limited to the illegal possession of three AK-56 rifles … Continue reading Sanju: Bad Decisions Make For Bad Stories

Trade is good but…

The World Bank has a new Chief Economist- Pinelopi Goldberg. As twitterverse was posting congratulatory messages, a VoxDev article of hers (with Nina Pavcnik) popped up. Interesting snippets from the concluding remarks below: It's hard to conclude the reason behind China's economic success...  First, the massive trade liberalisations were in many instances accompanied by domestic … Continue reading Trade is good but…